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GRADEVO is a concept started from couple of students which eventually turned into promising idea for every students all around the world. It was born out of frustration, a complete lack practical information and outlining of growing education industry around the world. We started in 2013, when we had a group on a social media platform where we welcomed student seeking information and guidance to study abroad. After couple of years we our community group turned into massive joint for students all over the world discussing, complaining and sharing their experience, then we decided to come up with a platform which will not only provide information to choose the best study but in actually make it happen.

There are millions of students around the world struggling in apply for admission online, visa application, getting a decent accommodation abroad, does not even know if they are eligible to apply for a certain program, in fact they waste their time in applying while deadlines are passed!

We have seen many platforms with complete details of how to apply and what to do and everything a student can think of! But what if things are not done how they are written there, who will take charge of these duties to be complete them in reality, of course not ROBOT! You will find him popping up on the right bottom side of your screen!

That’s why we call it…

GRADEVO. It is not just a study choice Platform

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What makes us unique?

Student counseling

We assign an expert to our every valuable student, who will guide them with complete admission process and to choose the best option available for them. It's our main focus to understand the profile of the student and encourage them according to their compatibility.

Visa & documentation

We offer all our student with complete instructions for apply visa and prerequisite for their study abroad destination. We successfully manage to do this due to our massive network of representative around the globe who are keeping us up to dated with any new regulation.

Fill, Upload and Apply

We offer a simple way to our students to apply for their desired programs within no time and hassle. Any student can apply for multiple university at the same time and we will make sure that your application is handled with full attention. Choose you program, fill you in your details, upload documents & Apply!

Before you travel guide

We provided actually details and reality of the countries where students are willing to apply, information from part time jobs to a price of a bread and even how to get a driving license, all at on place. Our motive is prepare our students so they won't experience any bad surprises.

And our educational services are completely FREE of charge!

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